COVID-19 – Important Notice from Baz Bus


Resumption of Operations

Our SAFARI TOURS are now operating again! Tours depart daily.

Please check back to see when our HOP-ON HOP-OFF ; TRAVEL PASS ; CAPE PENINSULA DAY TOUR and TABLE MOUNTAIN HIKE will start again. As Covid-19 continues to disrupt operations we have unfortunately had to temporarily stop these. We hope the situation will improve and we will start soon. 

Cancellation Policy: 100% refund for any ticket purchased from 1 October 2020 to 31 May 2021. Cancellation can be made at any time before your trip commences.

Tickets purchased prior to October 2020 can be used any time in the future at no extra cost. For Safari tours; should you rebook your Kruger Park Safari for later in 2020 this can be done (Free of charge). However, if you intend travelling in 2021 (or later) you will have to pay the small price difference between the 2020 departure and 2021 departure.

All international travel is now allowed into South Africa subject to the traveller providing a valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 test which was obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of travel.

To read our full article about our country’s reopening Click here. This explains the entry requirements and what Baz Bus is doing to keep you safe while travelling the country.

As we say here: Ndizokubona Ngokukhawuleza! (See you soon!)


Dear Travelers,

As you might have heard, South Africa finally reopened borders for international visitors from the 1st October 2020.

We know you can’t wait for us to run again to travel South Africa, and we are glad to announce that our safari tours will be operating again from 1st November 2020 and our day tours & hop-on hop-off bus operation will resume from the 15th December 2020!*

We have also updated our T&Cs to help you book without stress (100% refunds for cancellation of all tickets bought between now and the 31st May 2021 – see details here) .

That being said, you might still have many questions to assess when you’ll visit us and we invite you to read our full article about our country’s reopening. Who can enter South Africa? What are the entry requirement and regulations? What is Baz Bus implementing to keep you safe while travelling the country? Click here for all the answers and as we say around here: Ndizokubona Ngokukhawuleza! (See you soon!)

* Provisional Dates.


Dear Baz Bus travellers,  

We hope you are keeping well and safe.

South Africa has been elected “best post-covid destination” in a recent survey and we couldn’t agree more.

Considering that those surveyed said their top destination types included outdoor adventures, safaris and beaches, it is no surprise South Africa took the top spot. Well-known as the go-to safari destination, packed with outdoor adventures and applauded for pristine, well-kept beaches, South Africa is always a winner.

However, the date that Baz Bus will start operating again is dependent on the South African government. The government will decide when to open its borders for international tourists. 

Baz Bus is hoping to restart operations in November or December 2020. Please check our website and this article for any updates.

Stay home and stay safe and we can’t wait to see you soon in our beautiful country.


Dear Baz Bus travellers,  

We hope you are keeping well and safe during this difficult time for everyone. 

We are continuously monitoring the Covid-19 situation across the world. South Africa, like most other countries, is currently in lockdown. So far South Africa has had a relatively low number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 and has had 12 deaths up until today. 

Baz Bus is planning to restart operations on 1 July 2020 (EDIT: November or December). Please check our website and this article for any updates.

Stay home and stay safe and we hope to see you later in our beautiful country.


In light of the latest health warnings and escalation of cases of COVID-19 in South Africa, we have decided to stop all our bus operations earlier than initially planned.

Our last day of operation will be the Sunday 22nd March and we urge all passengers travelling on our route at the moment to make contact with our office to plan their last day of travel today, Saturday or Sunday.

The health & safety of our passengers and drivers are our priority and we can’t risk it any longer. We apologize to all our passengers that are impacted by this decision, but we believe that they will understand the gravity of the situation.    

Dear Baz Bus travellers,

This is a challenging time for all of us who love to travel. Baz Bus has been liaising with all the relevant authorities and continues to follow the instructions from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local government travel advisories.

Travel restrictions have been imposed by the South African government to reduce the impact of Coronavirus in the country. Everyone should check with their local consulate or embassy to know what the restrictions are. It is everyone’s responsibility to contain the spread of the virus and we believe that as a responsible transport provider we should also play our part.

Baz Bus operations temporarily stopped

In these circumstances we took the hard decision to temporarily stop all our bus operations from 30 March (EDIT: 23rd March) until 30 April (EDIT: November or December) . It is an unprecedented situation and unfortunately it requires unprecedented measures that we trust our passengers will understand.

Our last day of operation will be Sunday 29th March (EDIT: 22nd March) and we ask all our current passengers on our Hop-on Hop-off routes to make their way to their final destination by this date.

Our buses will continue to run according to our normal schedule until 29 March (EDIT: 22nd March) , allowing our current passengers to finish their trip or at least get a glimpse of the beauty of South Africa.

We hope that operations will be back to normal from the 1st May (EDIT: November or December) , but we will keep monitoring the situation and will update this article if we must postpone our operation for a longer period.

Cancellation Policy

Hop-on Hop-off & Travel Pass tickets: these have no expiry date and you will be able to use your tickets anytime in the future, even in 3 years’ time!  For those that have already booked their seats please just let us know if you wish to postpone your trip (without any cancellation fees).

Tours: these can also be postponed to any time in the future without any cancellation fees, but should you travel in 2021 (or later) you will just have to pay the difference in price.

Passengers with seats and tours already booked during April temporary suspension: you may change your travel date to any date in the future without any cancellation fees.

Kruger Park tours will continue to operate during this period, so you can still do your tour if you wish or you can postpone it.

Passengers who have seats booked in our buses until 29 March (EDIT: 22nd March) : If you have to shorten your trip please contact us. We would like to offer you the opportunity to come back in the future and will open-date your ticket and allow you to re-use it.

Passengers who have seats or tours booked from 1st May (EDIT: November or December) : you may also postpone your trip to any date in the future without any cancellation fees. Please note that our buses should operate as normal. Please keep monitoring this page for any updates.

Should you purchase tickets now for future travel?

All tickets are open dated so you will be able to use them at any time in the future. Baz Bus is offering online specials, so yes now is the right time to buy your tickets!  

What precautions is Baz Bus taking to protect customers?

In the meantime, the safety and well-being of our passengers, drivers, guides and staff is our utmost priority. Baz Bus has implemented new strict health & safety measures in our buses.

We implemented enhanced cleaning and complete disinfection of buses after each trip. The cleaning process includes a comprehensive wipe down of all surfaces with approved disinfectant solution, as well as spraying the inside of each bus before and after every trip.

Disinfectant Spray and wipes are available at the entrance of all buses and passengers will be asked to clean their hands with it before entering the buses.

We have now limited the number of passengers on our buses to 10. The row of seats behind and next to the driver (and guide for our Cape Peninsula Day Tour) is not to be used by passengers and will remain vacant.

We will not be using the aircon anymore in any of our buses and windows are to remain open in order to allow for an exchange of air. 

Our drivers and guides will keep their distance (no more high fives, shaking hands and big hugs) and it is their way to show you that they actually care. ?

How to contact us?

We have closed our Cape Town office for walk-in customers until further notice to allow some of our staff members to work from home and to avoid them being exposed to risky situations like public transport.

However, our friendly consultants are still available to answer all your questions through:

  • Phone: 021 422 5202
  • Whatsapp: +27 60 608 2499
  • Email:
  • Live Chat on our website


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