Cape Town, Best city on Earth for 6 years in a row

Cape Town has done it again! A recent survey which was conducted by the British newspaper press Telegraph,  has once again proved that Cape Town is the place to be. More than 45 000 readers participated in the Telegraph Travel Awards survey and choose Cape Town as their top travel destination before Tokyo, Vancouver, Venice and New York!

We can reveal that the greatest city in the world is a coastal gem, lying in the shadow of a cloud-hugged mountain. Here wine flows, penguins waddle and – not too far away – majestic beasts roam,’ read the Telegraph’s online article.

The survey is done annually to distinguish which city stands out above the others and by winning the Telegraph Travel Award 6 years in a row, it is obvious that the Mother City offers something exceptional to its visitors.



Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly. Cape Town offers beautiful photographic landscapes and is a perfect combination of contrasts and picturesque views. Whether you are an international tourist or a local, you will never get tired of the amazing natural beauty of the Mother City.

Enjoy the Mediterranean climate whether you are in the bustling city center or along fantastic beaches. Take a relaxing stroll, cool off in the waves or take a nice hike up one of our charming mountains to enjoy a panoramic view over the Mother City. Stare in amazement as you watch the sun rise and set across the horizon.


Cape Town offers more than just beautiful landscapes, it also offers a vibrant exposure to different cultures, religions and traditions. Indeed this marvelously unique city is a cultural melting pot, with a diverse and vibrant population influenced by Zulu, Xhosa, and other African tribes, as well as Dutch, British, German, French, and Indonesian settlers. Tourists are often astonished by the fact that the 11 languages spoken in South Africa can be found here.

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa and is home to some amazing historical buildings & architecture. We strongly recommend to take part of a guided city tour to learn how Cape Town went from a colonial error to become the commercial splendor of today. This will give you the opportunity to understand how South Africa’s many cultures have united throughout history and made the fascinating theme of the actual city.


Cape Town offers many activities and attractions which can suit any traveller’s needs & budget. From surfing and seeing penguins to learning South Africa’s history in its most colorful neighborhood to trying craft beers and wine, there is plenty to do, see and taste in Cape Town.

Some of the most well-known sightseeing include Table Mountain (Cape Town’s iconic flat-topped mountain which is one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature), Robben Island (This World Heritage site was the prison of Nelson Mandela for 27 years), Lion’s Head (another famous mountain offering panoramic views of the city), Clifton Beaches, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and many more fantastic scenic attractions.

Activities such as hiking, wine tasting, boat cruises, abseiling, beach horse riding, ziplining, kayaking, paragliding, skydiving, quad biking, sand boarding, and much more are available to keep yourself entertained in the Mother City.


Cape Town is rich in biodiversity and is home to some of the most amazing indigenous species of plants and animals. From birds and smaller mammals like the famous Dassies to incredible marine wildlife.

Indeed the underwater world of Cape Town is a natural wonder and you can get amazing encounter: from cage diving with Great White Sharks, snorkeling with the Cape Fur Seals, visiting African Penguins chilling on the beach, to admire different species of Whales or dolphins, you will be amazed!

The Cape Floral region cutting across spectacular mountain and ocean scenery and containing some of the richest plant biodiversity in the world, also offers a perfect-picture setting. Unesco’s World Heritage Committee declared the 553 000-hectare Cape Floral Region to be of “outstanding universal significance to humanity”, describing it as “one of the richest areas for plants in the world”. Visit Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens to see some of South Africa’s indigenous species like the Fynbos or the protea (South Africa’s national flower).

There is also a range of nature reserves and sanctuaries where one can spot some large animals such as the Big 5.


Cape Town has some of the best wines and restaurants worldwide, as well as an active nightlife.

With over 500 cellars in the Cape’s winelands with quite a number producing world-class bottlings or offering particularly good value in some of the most beautiful winelands on the planet, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Regarding food, whether you’re craving for a tender steak, fresh seafood, flavour filled spicy dishes, or delicious local cuisine such as bobotie, koeksisters, gatsbys, or biltong, you will surely find what you are looking for in the Mother City. From fine dining at Cape Town’s most prestigious restaurants, to vibrant fresh street-food style markets, there is always something for all taste. A variety of dishes from all over the world can also be found here.

If you feel like going out, visit Long Street, Kloof Street or Bree Street where some popular clubs, bars & restaurant can be found. Dance through the night and enjoy a couple of drinks before heading back home. The friendliness of Capetonians has been cited by foreign tourists as one of the best things about the city so don’t hesitate to interact and socialize with locals.

In the same survey, South Africa was voted second in the category ‘Best Country in the world’ so we strongly advise that after your trip to Cape Town, you also visit the rest of our wonderful Country.

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