South Africa is on sale for half price!

Extracted from by Gareth Vorster February 5 2016

England’s Barmy Army recently traveled to South Africa to follow their national cricket team. So impressed were they with the exchange rate, they sang a song about it.

Watch video – Barmy Army #23tothepound

The Spectator, a weekly British conservative magazine, says that there may not be a better time to visit South Africa.

“South Africa has always been good value for British visitors, even five years ago when there were 11 rand to the pound. Now that figure is closer to 23 rand. For visitors, an entire country is half price.

“This freak situation may not last; so there might never be a better time to visit.”

South Africa is open for business – and has a half price sale tag on it.

Link to full article here

SA on Sale for half price


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