“The Little Five” in the Kruger National Park

“The Little Five” in the Kruger National Park

We are all familiar with the Kruger National Park Big 5: elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard and it is a thrill to be able to spot and take photos of these amazing animals in their natural surroundings.

The Kruger Park also has the Little 5. These are five small animals which share part of their names with the Big 5. The ones that you will most likely spot are the Leopard Tortoise and Red- billed Beetle buffalo weaver. Here’s the lowdown on some of Africa’s finest little creatures!

This insect makes a cone-shaped hole in the sand to trap ants and they are visible if you look carefully on the ground in rest camps or picnic sites.

Eastern Rock Elephant shrew
The elephant shrew is a small mammal which is similar to a mouse but it likes to eat insects. It has a long nose that looks like a mini elephant’s trunk. They live in rock crevices and are active at dusk. They only grow to a length of 250mm, with an average weight of 60 grams.

elephant shrew

Leopard Tortoise
This tortoise gets in name because of the spots on its shell. It is the 4th largest tortoise species in the world and can often live up to be a 100 years old! A mature leopard tortoise can weigh over 23 kilograms, with a shell circumference of up to one metre.
leopard tortoise

Red-Billed Buffalo Weaver
The red- billed buffalo weaver is a member of the weaver family of birds and is famous for weaving nests using grass and strips of reed! They nest in open colonies and are a rather noisy and busy lot.
buffalo weaver

Rhino Beatle
The Rhino Beatle is one of the largest beetles in the world and the males have horns on their noses used to fight other males and dig holes in the ground!
rhinocerous beetle

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Pictures courtesy of South African Tourism.