Baz Bus Route!!!

Choose where you want to go to and how long you want to stay!

A passion for backpacking and a dedicated hard working team helped to create this unique transport network in South Africa. Today, Baz Bus is a leading force in the backpacking Industry. We now have 180 hostels along our route and we carry over 10 000 independent travellers on our buses each year!

Our well established transport network provides travellers with a safe and reliable way to travel the country. Baz Bus runs in each direction between Cape Town and Johannesburg/ Pretoria with stops along the coast. Simply buy one ticket to your final destination and can get on and off as many times as you want, wherever you want, with no time limit.

Our map is easy to understand and I will highlight the important points to remember.

 Please refer to the key block on the map:

Our Route

This is the solid white line which outlines the route we travel.

Shuttle Services 

The dotted lines on the map refer to shuttle services. To reach out of the way places or remote areas such as the Wild Coast etc, shuttle services are operated by the hostels in these remote areas. There are extra charges for these. Please contact the hostel of your choice for further details and to book your shuttle in these areas. The shuttle service will meet Baz Bus at an agreed point and then do a handover of passengers so essentially it is still a hop on hop off service.

Compulsory stop over (Denoted: purple dot with star)

The buses depart according to a set schedule as shown here. Our buses only run during the day i.e. they leave Cape Town in the morning and arrive at Port Elizabeth in the evening. As our buses do not travel throughout the night we have compulsory stop overs which are Port Elizabeth and Durban

Backpacker hostels ( Denoted: purple dot)

These are the cities and backpacker hostels we stop at along our route.

Areas of interest along our route:

GARDEN ROUTE (Cape Town – Port Elizabeth) – Renowned for its diverse range of adventure activities and the highest Bungy jump in the world!!

WILD TRANSKEI COAST (Eastern Cape) – Untouched African beauty along a rugged African Coastline

KWAZULU NATAL (Durban) – Soak up the subtropical splendour. Hot curries and cool waves!

DRAKENSBERG MOUNTAINS -The highest peaks in Southern Africa and gateway to Lesotho. Pony trek the remote mountain villages and meet the mountain people

 KRUGER PARK AND SURROUNDING AREAS – The biggest Game Park in Southern Africa! Spot the big 5! (Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino & Li Backpacker hostels



  1. Dear Sir,
    I need information about your weekly bus from Durban to Drakensberg. My wife and I will spend a holiday in Cavern resort and there should be a connection to The Amphiteatre. So I would like to know what day and time from Durban, vice versa from The Amphiteatre back to Durban.
    I hope you could answer my question.

    • Hi Bo,

      Our busses depart Durban to Amphitheater every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We drop off at the door of Amphitheater Backpackers. We also leave Amphitheater to Durban every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The ticket costs R495pp one way from Durban – Amphitheater and the same Vice Versa

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