Baz Bus Arrival and Departure List

Choose where to stay along the route!!!

The Arrival and Departure List is the hostel list. It lists all the hostels in the cities along our route. The door-to-policy is the hostel pick- up and drop- off points. We pick you up from the door of the current hostel you are staying at and will drop you off at the door of the next hostel you choose. We give you the option to choose where you want to stay and how long you want to stay for. We only pick up and drop off from hostels along our route.

South African hostels boast some of the highest standards in the world. Baz Bus will drop you at over 180 of them. Most hostels offer camping, singles, doubles or dormitories with standard features such as in-house bars, tour desk and of course some amazing locations. Accommodation costs vary from hostel to hostel. Get your Coast to Coast guidebook at most hostels. Your Baz Bus ticket does not include accommodation.

Here is a rough guide on accommodation pricing. Accommodation prices vary from place to place however prices are roughly as follows:

Camping: from R60 Dorms: from R100 Double: from R220

Alternatively you can contact the backpacker lodge directly to confirm their prices. Most people prefer to play it by ear and book hostels as they go along. During the busy summer season some places do get full and we do recommend booking a few days in advance, especially for double rooms.

Baz Bus and its staff are not responsible for booking or reserving accommodation and activities for its passengers along the Baz Bus route excluding the Wildlife Safari & Adventure Packages whereby only the tours included in the package will be booked by us). The Timetable and Arrival & Departure list are subject to change without prior notification and must be confirmed at the time of making the booking.

Do you have a favourite hostel let us know!!!