Baz Bus for South Africans

Howzit…local is lekker!

I was asked the other day why should South Africans use Baz Bus and it got me thinking…

Eish…why not try backpacking in your own country.

Here is our video and why not get the real deal comments from some of our passengers!

Enjoy a lock up and go holiday. Lock your car, the house”. Yebo, that already sounds liberating.

Lekker reasons to hop on and hop off with Baz Bus…

Instead of driving, take time to relax and enjoy the scenery or catch a video.

Enjoy reading a book or doze away whilst someone else does the driving.

Visit off the beaten track destinations on our route such as the Wild Coast, mystical Hogsback and much much more!

There is no need to navigate on your own and getting lost at night, Baz Bus drops you off at the door of your chosen hostel.

You don’t have to argue with the GPS device or any backseat drivers.

You can pack light!

Enjoy volunteering for 1 or two weeks and make a difference!!!

Bus travel has the lowest emissions, so you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint.

Save a fortune on fuel costs.

Don’t worry about drinking and driving babbalaas, so you can party the nights (and days) away.

Meet the global village as there are many international travellers “buzzing” with Baz Bus.

Katharine Butler Hathaway encourages taking on new experiences in this beautiful quote!

“A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change.”

Have a lekker time with Baz Bus and make lots of chommies!!!