Learn to speak South African on the Baz Bus!

A great way to connect with the locals!

Baz Bus has placed language cards on our buses so that the passengers can learn essential phrases which will help them communicate with the locals and hostel staff whilst travelling around the country.

Our drivers go over the phrases with the passengers and then they can practice speaking in the different languages. It will certainly keep you entertained during the longer stretches on the route!

Here are some phrases…

English:    Hello, how are you?  How much is this? Thank you!

Afrikaans: Hello, hoe gaan dit?  Hoeveel is dit?       Dankie!

Zulu:         Sawubona, unjani?    Imali?                   Ngiyabonga!

Xhosa:      Molo, kunjani?          Malini na?             Enkosi!

Besides the basic phrases we have other South African “slang” to get you chatting the truly South African way…don’t be shy to mix it up!

Aikona – Not on your life / never

Arvie – Afternoon

Babbelaas – Afrikaans for hung over

 Braai – BBQ

Choc – Township slang for R20 note

Chommie/ China – Friend

Chow – To eat

Diski – South African township slang for football

Eina! – Ouch!

Eish – A phrase of exclamation

Howzit – How is it going? How are you?

 Lekker – Great /tasty

Robot – Traffic light

Sangoma – South African Traditional Healer

Yebo – Yes in Zulu

Now let’s put a sentence together using some of the above phrases…

Hope you have a lekker trip with Baz Bus and make lots of chommies along the way…Eish!