Backpacking, pack light and free.

Backpacking…is it for everyone or for a special free spirited individual who wants to tap into their inner untapped resources planning a trip free of limitations and where the clock of life is somehow lost in travel.



I certainly think it is a more authentic way to travel as you are not bound by the “must do and see” dictated by a travel book. You alone are discovering and creating your own personal travel book of “what hot” and “must do”.  You will have memories to last a lifetime once the clock of life starts ticking again.


There are many special places that can offer this type of travelling experience and South Africa is definitely one of these destinations that will meet a kaleidoscope of travel expectations as it is a choice backpacker destination.


Firstly, we have a very established Hop-on Hop-off backpacker bus service which has been in operation for 17 years. Baz Bus is committed to promoting South Africa as a preferred backpacker’s destination. Our well established transport network provides travellers with a safe and reliable way to travel the country. Why worry about the stresses of driving a car in a strange town. Hop on our bus and best of all you will meet many other like minded travellers and not be stuck in a rigid itinerary.


South Africa also boasts some of the highest rated hostels in the world with a growing number of Fair Trade accredited establishments and services. Check out some of the hostels on our pick up and drop off list.We also have a recognised backpacker organisation whose purpose it is to show that budget travel, or backpacking, is a fun and exciting way to tour South Africa. Backpacking and youth travel in South Africa accommodates a variety of tastes, from the tame to the adventurous – all at a price that will suit any pocket. The trademark of a BSA service is an easygoing atmosphere in which you can mingle with fellow travellers, friendliness, value-for-money and an amazing experience.