Jay, Daily Food Distribution Programme

Jay joined Baz Bus in 1997 and is an invaluable part of the Baz Bus team not only as a driver but also in his dedication to making a difference, however big or small, in the lives of villagers in disadvantaged communities along the Baz Bus route between East London and Chintsa.


He has gone beyond the call of duty and used the resources available to him to reach people in need.


Jay offers the passengers not only a “ride” on the bus but also background information on the region he drives through and the harsh realities of the villagers living in these rural villages.  He explains to the passengers his food outreach programme and then asks passengers if they would like to make a donation and join him in distributing the food. With the passenger donations he buys additional food at one of the shops and the passengers then distribute it themselves to the villagers. Jay is always amazed at the keen participation and how the passengers are so encouraging and want to be part of the food distribution. 



For the last 10 years Jay has donated 10% of his monthly salary to buying food daily to feed villagers along the route. Other monthly donations come from his sister and brother-in-law in Durban and who also send clothes collected from their church.

Our Durban drivers also collect clothing and send them to Jay to distribute to the villagers.


Beavers Restaurant is the breakfast stop along the route. The owners have also become involved and now give Jay surplus food everyday which they don’t sell within 24 hours to be handed out.


 He has established amazing relationships and now has 3 permanent daily stops where he distributes food to the poor and needy.


The first stop is between 8:15 – 8:30am and there are 2 boys from Alexandria Township which collect food.


 The next stop is at 10:00am at Wesley where a grandmother collects food for an extended family which includes 8 children.


And the final stop is along a 10 kilometers stretch after Wesley where there are children and hungry people waiting for bread and food. Sometimes there are over 50 villagers along this stretch. For these villagers this food is their only meal for the day.


On his return trip if there is food left over then he will give food to labourers on the side of the road in East London.

Jay epitomizes William Wordsworth words “That best portion of a good man’s life; his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love”.