SaltyCrax Community Project Surf competition!!!

It’s Christmas time again and Baz Bus believes in getting into the spirit of the festive season by sharing and giving to others.


When SaltyCrax backpackers approached Baz Bus to get involved with their first annual surf competition we wholeheartedly agreed. 


The event was held on Friday, 9 December 2011 at Big Bay Beach.


These children are underprivileged and came from the nearby Du noon settlement. There were about 20 kids who joined in for the surfing competition and about 50 kids for beach games and a swimming competition.


Firstly, the children were fed and Baz Bus was thrilled to sponsor the food for the event. Energetic children enjoyed hot dogs and refreshments!!!


The weather Gods blessed the day with amazing weather, cloudless skies and perfect waves.


It has taken months of dedication to teach the children how to swim and surf so they were very excited to be competing against each other.


The surfing competition was a huge success and all the credit goes to the SaltyCrax team for their great team effort.


Games were set up on the beach e.g. maze runs, hula hoop, volley ball, red light green light so that the children could participate and enjoy different games if they were not swimming or surfing.


The swimming competition was fantastic and watching the children apply their new found swimming skills in the water was amazing. Pure delight on their faces!!!


I spent a lot of time chatting to the children and capturing their smiles and joy on camera is a moment I will treasure forever.



Keep up the great work SaltyCrax and Baz Bus will gladly be part of the next annual surf and swimming competition