South Africa on a backpackers budget?

After travelling the world to Australia, Europe, South East Asia and parts of Africa.  I received a question from Juliana, a Swedish woman, whom I met while I was working at a backpacker.  She asked questions about travelling throughout South Africa and my curiosity was piqued. I knew about how beautiful South Africa is and have engaged in conversations about travel tales from hundreds of travellers I’ve met while working at a Backpacker in Cape Town. At that point I just knew my travels through South Africa would be way more exciting and would exceed my expectations and therefore decided to take two months to travel throughout the country.  


But how to get around South Africa? 

After lots of saving and research, I booked a Hop-on Hop-off ticket with Baz Bus. My route was to depart from Cape Town to Johannesburg and experience as much as I could along the route. I’ve always been an independent  traveller with my focus being on reliable and safe transportation, with access to easy social networking with people from all walks of life. I did not have a specific plan or itinerary but just knew I had two months travelling time. All I knew was that I wanted to stop in each town and experience a great mix of adventure. I equipped myself with reading material such as the Lonely Planet, Coast to Coast and Alternative Route

To my surprise, the bus was equipped with its own information material. For added convenience, the bus collected me at the backpack where I staying at and dropped me off at the next town I chose. I always perceived that the easiest way to meet people is to opt for dorm accommodation and let’s not forget watching the budget, with a beady eye. Spend less on accommodation and more on activities and drinks.  Yip, that’s what I’m talking about…

I soon realized that the first section of the Garden Route was very interesting and included amazing game viewing, ostrich riding and hiking.  In all honesty, the views witnessed over the 300km road trip were as breathtaking as the activities available. After my first stops, I met up with a group of three Canadian travelers who had the same interest as me.  It was the second time in one week that we stopped in the same town and at the same hostel and we later met up again in the Wild Coast and spent two days hiking, kloofing and overall having the time of my life.

One of my main highlights between Port Elizabeth and Durban was the feeding of families. One of Baz Bus drivers Jaye stops on route to hand out bread and treats to at least a hundred people 5 times a week. This was a really a special experience, the smiles on the ladies faces were priceless. 


I also met Flourian from Italy that was making his way to the bungy jump which is the highest bungy in the world, he then convinced me into joining him.  Why would someone convince me to jump????

At the hostel where we were staying that night, we met Yulieth from Columbia and discovered she had arrived atthe Crags two nights before with the Baz Bus. We spent the evening mingling and chilling around the fire with the most breath taking views. Flourian spoke Yulieth into joining us to experience the thrill of bungy jumping.

I was a good spectator when those two plummeted down Bloukrans.  I just never had it in me to place my trust into a rope…

I then stopped to attempt the black water tubing in Storms River and zip lined through the Tsitsikamma Forest.

I continued to meet plenty of travellers. At the end of the trip I come to the conclusion that we were all looking for the same thing! A great balance between adventure and relaxation.  Throw in the diversity of culture, good food, wine and getting into the beat of Africa…  Also a dose of a good party every so now and then, what more does one need on your travels!!!


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