Toilets at the Elundini Home are up and running

Great news – the toilets at the Elundini Home are built and everything is up and running.


We adopted this crèche as a long term project to assist with improvements to the home.

We have assisted Indy in reaching her goal which was to build ablution block facilities designed for the special needs of the disabled children. Baz Bus sponsored R25 000 for the building of the ablution facilities.

The building looks fantastic and has really been built solidly. There is a wheelchair ramp and spacious, proper access to the toilets and bathroom. There are 2 individual wheel chair accessible toilets each with their own with hand basins and windows and a third bathroom with toilet, basin and bath. The ablution facility is painted a great colour. Essentially, its is an amazing improvement to the centre, and a huge upgrade from the one porta-loo that has been there for 4 years.